Borough Services


FIRE PROTECTION is provided by the Garden City and South Media Volunteer Fire Companies. The Borough shares the financial support of these fire companies with Nether Providence Township. Both fire companies have websites at and

POLICE PROTECTION isprovided by the Pennsylvania State Police. The Borough does not have its ownpolice department.

EMERGENCY ALERTS The Borough has a system to alert residents about urgent news using the Googlegroups email system.  Residents can sign up to receive alerts by sending an email to the Borough office,  Residents are also encouraged to sign up for Delaware County's emergency alert system.

RECYCLABLES are collected at Borough expense every other Wednesday. The recycler picks up glass, #1 through #7 plastic, cardboard (cut into 2' by 2' peices), newspapers, office paper, junk mail, magazines, filefolders, post-it notes, card stock paper, aluminum and bi-metal cans.  All recyclables can be co-mingled.  Recycling stickers and a schedule of collections can be obtained at the Borough Office.  Click here for the schedule for recycling pickups.

TRASH COLLECTION isconducted privately. Borough residents make their own arrangements with thetrash hauler of their choice.

HEAVY TRASH pickup is provided by the Borough once a year in the spring. Residents are advised of the exact date in the spring newsletter mailing.

ROAD MAINTENANCE on Borough-owned roads is done by private contractors hired by the Borough for road repair and snow plowing. The residents of the private lanes arrange for the repair and plowing of their own lanes, and Penndot maintains Rose Valley Road, the only state road within the Borough.

ROSE VALLEY SEWER PLANT,  located  off of Long Point Lane, serves most of the residences in the Borough (a few homes have their own on-site systems) as well as 140 residences in Nether Providence Township.  The Borough owned and operated the plant for over 70 years.  On June 29, 2009, the plant was sold to DELCORA, a regional sewer authority.  DELCORA is now responsible for all maintenance and billing.