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“Invasive” describes a plant, animal or microbe that’s nonnative (introduced from another part of the world) and undergoes extreme proliferation in its new location, causing harm to the local ecosystem. The population boom of an invasive species is partly because the parasites, predators, diseases and other natural checks on its population growth in its original home range are absent in its new home. Invasive species typically harm ecosystems by killing off or crowding out native species, changing key environmental factors such as resource availability and soil conditions, and disrupting mutually beneficial relationships between native species.

Follow the motto “REMOVE AND REPLACE.” First, remove or kill the invasive plants using the best management practices for the particular species (click on the names above for more detailed information). Then replant the space with native species appropriate to the site conditions. Planting gives the native plants a head start. Without that intervention, invasive plants are likely to beat the natives in the race to recolonize the space.

WARNING: Herbicides are harmful to native plant and animal life, water quality and human health unless used sparingly and in strict accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. Where herbiciding is suggested in the table below, spot-application or “painting”—rather than spraying—should be used whenever possible, herbicides should be applied only on days with little or no wind, and application near streams and wetlands should be avoided.


Lonicera maackii


A Truly Special Municipality

Welcome to Rose Valley Borough! Founded in 2000, this unique Municipality is one that many are proud to call home. Our passionate residents and elected officials work together to build a bustling community and ensure that its top notch institutions will endure for generations to come.

A flourishing Municipality nestled in natural beauty, there is much to see and do for both residents and visitors alike. Indulge in a delicious meal at one of the local eateries, take a stroll through one of the parks, or enjoy one of the many cultural attractions. There is something for everyone.


Community. Culture. Charm.

The Municipality of Rose Valley Borough was founded in 2000. We are a progressive community situated in an area of magnificent natural beauty. We are extremely proud of all we have achieved, and continue to develop and improve for the benefit of future generations.

Our local government and community members work together to create the best conditions and quality of life; from education and recreation to business and tourism. We welcome one and all to join us, whether to live or just pay a visit.

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