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July 4th Parade & Flag Ceremony

The Rose Valley Fourth of July Parade is happening at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, July 4th. This will be followed by a Flag Raising Ceremony at the Rose Valley Pool.

Line up for the Parade will be at 1:30 p.m. on Woodward Road near the Moylan-Rose Valley Train Station parking lot. If people are driving to the parade, they can park in the Train Station parking lot. Bikes should come decorated. If anyone has an antique car or interesting car and would like to be in the parade, they should line up in front of the fire engines on Woodward Road.

The Parade Route is down Woodward Road, turn right onto Possum Hollow and go to Pool Lane. Marchers should then go does Pool Lane and go to the flag raising ceremony at the Pool. After the flag raising ceremony, marchers can then walk up the trolley path behind the tennis courts back up to Woodward Road and then walk up Woodward Road to their parked cars at the Train Station parking lot. People driving cars in the Parade should just continue on Possum Hollow Road and not come into Pool Lane.

If people driving cars want to come to the flag raising ceremony, they should park their cars on Locust Lane (which is across from Pool Lane) and walk down to the Pool.

There is no valet service from the Pool back to the parking lot -- this was a mistake on the postcard.

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