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Todmorden Repaving Project

The remainder of the roads in the Todmorden Development (with the exception of 200 ft (+/-at the south entrance) are being re-paved this spring. The preparation work has already begun.

Starting April 20, 2022 and continuing through the week of April 25, 2002, select sections of concrete curb will be replaced. The curb replacement will occur at locations where the curb has settled and water ponds, or where the curb is badly damaged.

Some of the curb replacement occurs at driveway locations. Existing driveways will be saw cut near the curb line in order to remove the existing curb and pour the replacement curb. When paving operations begin, the affected driveway will be cut back 4-6 ft from the curb line, existing driveway macadam removed, and new paving installed. So, the initial cut at the driveway will not be the final location.

Road paving is scheduled to begin sometime between May 4 - May 6. The roads will first be milled and the paved.

There may be minor delays getting access to driveways during these operations. The contractor has been instructed to be as accommodating and helpful to residents as possible.

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