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Lovejoy Lovejoy may refer to: People Colin Lovejoy (born 1940), a British TV producer, director and script writer Luther Lovejoy (1834–1917), American soldier Philip A. Lovejoy (1885–1969), a Canadian politician Places United States Lovejoy, Georgia Lovejoy, Indiana Lovejoy, Mississippi Lovejoy, Nebraska Lovejoy, Texas Lovejoy, Wisconsin, a town Lovejoy County, Illinois Lovejoy County, Missouri Lovejoy County, Montana Lovejoy Township, Minnesota Other places Lovejoy (crater), on the moon Lovejoy (landform), a valley in Wiltshire, England Other uses Lovejoy (magazine), a literary journal S-Love Joy, a South Korean pop band Lovejoy (comics), a recurring character in Marvel Comics, created by Alex Ross See also Love (disambiguation)Pathogenicity of avian haemorrhagic enteritis virus (HEV) in the domestic goose (Anser anser domesticus). An avian haemorrhagic enteritis virus was isolated from fresh faecal samples of geese and swans and in commercial turkey poults suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. The specific pathogenicity of the virus was demonstrated by three different tests. The virus was inoculated into 7-day-old White Pekin ducklings and one-day-old ducklings. The ducklings inoculated with the virus became ill and died within 4 to 5 days after inoculation. The virus was also inoculated into 8-day-old (semi-adult) geese. The geese were observed daily for 21 days, when they were sacrificed and examined for histopathology of the intestinal tract. The virus was highly pathogenic in ducks, geese and turkeys. Although the experiment was carried out under laboratory conditions, similar findings were recorded in the field. The epizootiology and pathogenicity of this virus, and its ability to cause a fatal disease in geese and turkeys, may be responsible for the outbreaks of digestive disorders in commercial poultry farms in the South-West of Scotland.Validation of a new electrochemical sensor for the in-vitro determination of metamizole (dipyrone) in pharmaceutical formulations. A selective and sensitive electrochemical sensor for the




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