Rose Valley Historic District

After nearly three years of effort, the Rose Valley Historic District was approved on July 19, 2010 by the U.S. Department of Interior and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The creation of the Rose Valley Historic District is a national honor in recognition of Rose Valley’s unique historic legacy. The US Department of Interior has recognized Rose Valley as one of the premier arts-and-crafts communities in the United States. We should take great pride in this singular achievement. Our Historic District is a gift to our present and future generations of Rose Valley residents.

The application that was submitted for this designation can be seen by clicking here.  The historic inventory that is referenced in this document can be seen by clicking here. 

The Rose Valley Historic District consists of 123 resources (105 buildings, 7 sites, 10 structures and 1 object (the Minquas Path Historic Marker on Rose Valley Road).   A map of these resources can be seen by clicking here (the map is in two pieces, so it is necessary to scroll down to see both parts). Photos of the buildings and other resources are on the accompanying page, "Historic District Photos." The numbers below the photos refer to the item number in the first column on the historic inventory.

Our District is not just a collection of old buildings! It’s a testament to:

our unique community spirit,

our values, and

our roots.