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Rose Valley Borough supplies curb-side, single-stream recycling and the recycling of batteries and very small electronics to its residents.

Curb-side single-stream recycling

Pickup is every other Wednesday morning. 

2024 Recycling Pick-up Dates:

January 3, 17, 31

February 14, 28

March 13, 27

April 10, 24

May 8, 22

June 5, 19

July 3, 17, 31

August 14, 28

September 11, 25

October 9, 23

November 6, 20

December 4, 18

Our recycler will accept the following materials:

  • Paper - newspapers, magazines, shiny paper, milk and juice cartons, and cardboard

  • Plastics #1 - #7 (except for large items like laundry baskets and milk crates)

  • Glass, clear and colored

  • Cans, tin and aluminum

  • We may now recycle plastic bags and films, as long as they are not larger than typical from grocery store bag.

    • Please place them loose (not bagged) in your bin under other recyclables so they do not blow away.

    • Recyclable films include Grocery Bags, Retail Bags, Pet Treat Pouches, Detergent Pouches, Case Wrap, Shrink Film, Food Storage Bags, Snack Food Pouches, Salad Bags, Wipes Pouches, Candy Pouches, Baby Food Pouches, Bread Bags, Diaper Wrap Packaging (No Diapers New or Used), Air Pillows, Bubble Wrap, Pet Food Bags, Cereal Bags, Paper Towel Overwrap, Chip Bags, Meat Bags, Cheese Bags and Drink Pouches.

    • Please only recycle pieces the size of a grocery bag. Long films or bags can get wrapped around machinery, which increases cost to recycler and, ultimately, residents.

Make sure your recycling gets recycle! Recycling best-practices:

  • Do not bag your recycling! Any bagged recycling will simply be thrown away by the recycler. Items must be loose in the bin.

  • Recyclables are sorted by weight.  Please:

    • Remove any lids and add those to your bin separately

    • Containers should be empty - dump out left over liquids, scrape out leftover solids. You do not need to wash them, just make sure they are empty.

  • Pizza boxes should be without grease. You can remove the greasy portions and dispose of those in residential trash, then recycle the clean carboard.

Residents should leave their recyclables loose in a bin marked for recycling at the end of their driveways. Recycling stickers are available from the Borough office. 

Again, do not bag your recycling! Any bagged recycling will simply be thrown away by the recycler. Items must be loose in the bin.

DO NOT recycle the following:

  • Styrofoam or any other form of foam packaging (including meat/produce trays and egg cartons)

  • Scrap metal

  • Hazardous waste

  • Disposable diapers

  • Paper towels or tissue paper

  • Textiles, fabric, or clothing

  • Ceramics, chinaware porcelain or Pyrex dishware

  • Books

  • Toys

  • Liquids

  • Mirrors

  • Window glass

  • Light bulbs

  • Batteries

  • Syringes/Needles

  • Computer and electronic equipment

Again, one last time - do not bag your recycling! Any bagged recycling will simply be thrown away by the recycler. Items must be loose in the bin.

Battery and very small electronics recycling


Please bring batteries for recycling to the Borough Office.

DO NOT include them in curb-side recycling.



- alkaline batteries

- certain lithium batteries (click here for details)

- cell phones

- very small electronics  (no longer, taller, or wider than 4 inches)


Not accepted: 

- batteries containing free-flowing electrolyte

- low production run and prototype batteries

- damaged, defective, or recalled batteries


Please cover the ends of batteries with tape or place them in a plastic bag before depositing them in the collection box. 


Recycling by Cirba Solutions. Learn more about the program here:

Additional Recycling Resources

Hazardous Household Waste Disposal

Delaware County offers the safe disposal of hazardous household waste like herbicides, pool chemicals, and automotive liquids at specific times throughout the year.  Drop-off events are ticketed, so plan ahead.  Drop-off event tickets and information about accepted materials can be found at the Delaware County Waste Authority website.


Two of the many options available to Rose Valley residents for recycling electronics are People Advancing Reintegration (PAR) Recycle Works and Retreivr.  

PAR Recycle Works recycles basically anything with a cord (TVs, computers, small appliances, and more). They accept drop-offs at their Nicetown location and schedules events throughout the area for community drop-offs.

Retreivr will pick up electronics from your home for a small fee. In our area, they accept items like tablets, air conditioners, gaming equipement, and more. Select our region from their page for a detailed list.


Fabrics account for up to 10% of recent global greenhouse gas emissions - more than aviation and commercial shipping emissions combined.  Donations are useful for items in very good condition, but charities cannot resell damaged or worn-out items.  Disposing of those items costs charities money, and many end up in a landfill.

Recycling your fabrics like clothing, curtains, and shoes can help reduce waste and emissions. There are many fabrics recycling services available online. One service that offers pickup in our area is Retreivr.  They will also recycle electronics, which reduces the emissions of a separate pickup. 

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