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Planning Commission


At previous Planning Commission meetings there was discussion of the possibility of a trail along Rose Valley Road that would allow residents to safely walk to and from the train station and along Rose Valley Road within the Borough. 

The Planning Commission discussed the August 2020 Concept Study and the Rose Valley Road portions of the June 2018 Multi-municipal Parks, Recreation, Trail, and Open Space Plan. Approximately 60 borough residents attended the meeting to offer comments. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend to Council that Council retain a consultant to do a feasibility study. 

Please keep in mind that this is our very first step in what may be a series of public meetings and a project that may take years. You will see that the study has a broad range of ideas, and some of those ideas may not work for Rose Valley.  Safety is our first priority. Rose Valley Road at times has heavy traffic and some driver’s speed.

Also know that Rose Valley Road is under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, so, in contrast to other roads in the Borough, the Borough Council has limited control.  We are unable to change the speed limit, put in speed bumps or stop lights, for example, without the permission of Penn DOT.  And the State Police, not Penn DOT, have the authority to enforce the speed limit.  We have been, and will be, talking to both Penn DOT and the State Police.  

There may be grants that could help fund this project, but there would be costs that would have to be in the Borough budget.  We would like this project to be a community project, so we hope you will check the borough website, read borough emails, and attend the meetings or otherwise respond to future requests for your input.  

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