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EAC Agenda 10/26/21

The EAC Meeting will take place at the Old Mill on 10/26/21 at 7:30pm. All attendees must wear a mask.
EAC Meeting Agenda 1. Call to Order — Leonard 2. Approval of Minutes for meeting of August 24, 2021 — Leonard 3. Report on Stewardship Work Weekend of October 23 -24 — Jim 4. Update on Information kiosks for Chadwick and Saul Preserves — Jim and Leonard 5. Update as regards Creekside Trail — Jim 6. Discussion regarding maintenance plans for the three RVB preserves — Jim and Roger 7. Discussion regarding future EAC priorities — Leonard 8. Brief update regarding the EAC Annual Native Plant Sale — Cindy 9. Old and New Business — Leonard 10. Adjourn — Leonard


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