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Fourth of July Picnic Announcement

It is with regret that the Rose Valley Swimming Pool Board of Directors must, for the second year in a row, suspend the Fourth of July Picnic which has been a Borough tradition for in excess of 20 years. While all indications point to the COVID pandemic being in a state of decline, it is not over yet. Further, the final group of residents yet to be vaccinated are, it turns out, an age demographic that is dramatically on the rise in our community for the first time in recent memory. That is the 12 and under group and they represent a substantial portion of our Pool membership. As small as the risk may seem, it is still a risk and the Board of Directors elected to keep the events at the Pool more low key and "within the membership" as a means of adding a layer of protection for these kids. We look forward to this nightmare finally coming to a close and really getting back to our normal. With any luck, the picnic will be on track for the 2022 season and it will be a fabulous time for all. We sincerely hope you can understand how difficult this decision was and how disappointed we all are.

Thank you,

Chip Seltzer, President

Rose Valley Swimming Pool


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